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I have forgotten how much I enjoy helping others while learning to be a better, designer, marketer & person. Since I have discovered the many ways to self educate yourself online, on your own time I have found new passions. Several of my favorite learning channels would be, YouTube, Udemy, and Audible and of course the amazing community of where I learn from other peers and professionals. 

This webpage is a one of many websites I own to tinker and test many of my interests to expand my personal knowledge in marketing tools, web design and copywriting (no copywriting on this website) I plan to test lead capture, this page builder (Thrive Themes) and it's many features, and possibly blog posts. 


The building blocks to Success!

My many interests that I intend to expand further into the future. 

I plan to use this domain as a small about me and a marketing sandbox for testing marketing tools

Get Swoll.. 

Not really, going to change this one. But I do plan to live a healthier life.

Lose weight

I have tried many many many diets. Working out. I am currently doing keto with intermittent fasting. The results are impressive. 

Be happy!

Learning, living healthier and being happier. 

Section 1

Build, could be anything that you do or create. For instance, it could be a blog, a web page, a cake, a photograph, a video, cook a smoked bbq brisket, lose weight, spend time with loved ones. The only prerequisite is that you will have to know what your goals are and keep in mind that to improve, you'll have to “measure” your progress which is the next phase of the growing process. 

Section 2

Measure, this is where it starts to get motivating for me. If you don't know where you've been, how do you know where you're going... ​

Have I been aimlessly going through life? I feel like I have woken up, like I have taken the red pill. Sometimes I feel like I wish I just kept on living life with the blue pill, but once you take the red pill there is no turning back because you now know better. I am not going to lie or sugar coat it but I know I have been guilty of wondering thought life without real long term goals, like a ship lost at sea blowing to the winds of change.

It probably has been only the last past five years where a fire has been lit under my butt. Was it becoming a father, or having access to all this new found knowledge called the internet?Being more accessible than anytime in history. Most likely all of the above. 

Section 3

Where is all comes together. The main reason for building, measuring and now the learning. 

I often remember all of all the times where I had a project and there was no time allotted for iterations. Is it possible for a designer to pull off a  perfect design in one iteration? A perfect design for every screen, every time. Sometimes there were times where a design had sufficient time allotted time for iterations, those screens usually came out much better. 

My point being, design take iterations, and with each iteration the designer and the client learn what makes the design better from the last, moving ever forward to a better and better design. In user experience this is usually done with user testing.

Just like with split testing for marketing, each split test a marketer can learn which marketing optimizations performs better with each split test.(with a proper testing amount, minimum 100 or more, but best is 1,000 or more).

A little about me...

(maybe a lot)

I Grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba and still have family living there currently. I have been a Visual designer for most all of my professional career and have learnt a lot of different digital mediums spanning multiple years. I'll list them in order of how I remember them. First paid gig out of college was a 10 minute feature video showing the many video projectors and their features. Remember this was 1994. I used Adobe Premiere, which at that time was groundbreaking. I Then designed a handful of CD-Rom Interactives which was before the prominence of the internet. I believe it was just beginning, not really mainstream but was mostly AOL and chat rooms from what I remembered. 

I then got a job working for a QTVR virtual tour company where they showcased QuickTime VR's. Ahead of its time, very time consuming to do but ahead of it's time since it is now becoming popular again because it's much easier barrier to entry, but in a different terminology and greater reach and sufistication. 

I then got recruited by my first boss( the 10 minute video gig) out of college to join a financial software company. The team mostly focused on in house marketing and also external marketing selling CD-Rom interactives. That company ended badly. They closed the doors on us New Years Eve 1998 I believe. IT was a very fun company to work for, while it lasted... 

The department head (my college professor and first employer) then, quick on his feet found another company that hired the entire department to do in house marketing for an Air Diffuser manufacturer. I then started to do marketing videos and 3d models of their products. I enjoyed it thoroughly, the team I worked with soon became very close friend, most of which I still visit to this day when I return to visit in Winnipeg. 

I was then recruited by the manager's old business partner (from the 10 minute video gig), which was a bad move on my part. I was promised a video editing suite to help with videos, but the equipment never materialized. This is when the internet started to really take off. The business partner left the business as he was a decent programmer and a skilled salesman and landed lucrative contracts from IBM in the USA. He left the design agency, and since I was not a programer or a print designer I was let go soon after that, as there was no real fit for me there with no real equipment to do what I did best at that time.

I did get a job at Global TV, one of the leading news television station in Canada. Learnt a lot, as this had the equipment. The manager I had was an amazing person, probably one of the best managers I have ever had to encourage me to learn more and always gave great encouragement. Unfortunately she had moved up and out of the department. 

So I soon left and by extreme luck I had landed a job in San Francisco working at ABC news. Or so I thought I was lucky. It was a great opportunity and learning experience. Unfortunately I probably found one of the worst managers in my career. She was a very insecure art director that only seemed to like you depending on how well you could gossip. I wasn't much of a gossiper and I had found out that I was overlooked for a daytime weekdays position (twice) because I worked evening and weekends shift, probably why I landed the job within 3 weeks of looking. 

So after I learned that I was passed over. I found another job in the bay area that was very interesting. This was doing graphics for live television sports graphics. They had a lot of innovative real time 3 dimensional graphics for live sports broadcasts. This bay area company had created, the blue streak puck for hockey, yellow first down line for football, strike zone baseball, lane markers for the Olympic swimming(country flags), NASCAR pointers for NASCAR, and IndyCar and sail trails for the international sailing races.  I started to do a lot of mobile app designs for their various offerings because they had created a realtime race tracking application for NASCAR and IndyCar since they had military grade GPS on the racecars so I started designing applications to try and sell to other racing sports like F1, MotoGP. 

I then took my newly learnt UI skills and was hired on a Multinational Consulting company to design mobile applications for various corporations. I then naturally learnt to be a UX designer Moved to a remote team and moved from the Bay Area to Colorado. Sorry I will expand more in the future as this post is getting rather lengthy and split up into separate blog posts for each job and better explain my learnings. 

This leads me to my next ad-venture. Pun intended. almost. I will elaborate further in the future but I am almost update date in this quickly written lengthy (sloppy) experience write up. 

Paul Papagiannis

Digital Marketer / Entrepreneur

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College in Winnipeg

College in WinnipegI had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating from high school. All I wanted was a job so I could earn money, so I could buy a dependable vehicle to get around in.  I had all sorts of jalopies, that may have lasted a year or 2. If i bought

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